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Simple Install, Smart Technology

How it works: Swarm Logic uses inexpensive retrofit controllers that work with your energy consuming devices. Most often, these controllers are fitted to the largest consuming devices in your building – typically HVAC units, though they can operate with any electrically controlled device. Thermostatically controlled systems (heating, cooling and refrigeration) and background mechanical devices (compressors, fans) are particularly suited as they can be synchronized for Demand Management.

Our retrofit controllers use secure wireless communications, which eliminates the need for wiring between them. A coordinating node connects your site via a private cellular network to our secure, cloud-based control center – this is entirely independent from your existing network infrastructure.

The controllers are fully weatherproof and can be fitted inside or out by our nationwide network of professional installers in as little as an hour. As well as coordinating your energy consuming devices, they accurately measure the power consumption, which not only allows us to factor this into decision making and reporting, but allows detection of maintenance issues such as clogged filters or worn bearings.


Swarm Logic Controllers are installed on your energy consuming devices gathering power readings and status

The Controllers communicate wirelessly, sharing information between them every few minutes

Operation of energy consuming devices is synchronized ensuring the most efficient use of energy

Consumption and control data is exchanged with our secure, cloud based control center and Web portal

Smarter Algorithms Mean Smarter Energy

The controllers at a given site automatically work together to optimize energy management. Developed over a period of more than 10 years, and with six granted US patents, Swarm Logic algorithms are the most advanced anywhere.


Advanced Monitoring, Automated Analysis and Reporting

The system includes space temperature and humidity monitoring using either dedicated wireless sensors or network connected Smart Thermostats. These not only provide fail-safe operation, but allow detection of faulty equipment and incorrect settings – often well before they are noticed by customers or employees.


How it works: Save on commercial energy with Encycle Swarm Logic BMS thermostat controller in office.



Optional components provide additional monitoring capabilities – for example whole building power consumption to ensure compliance with minimum Demand Response commitments.

Swarm Logic’s Cloud-based management can be accessed by your authorized personnel for monitoring and analysis. Comprehensive reporting allows you to accurately review energy and cost savings, both at individual sites, and rolled up for your organization.



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