Encycle has one very focused, over-riding mission: to leverage the amazing power of biomimicry to make rooftop HVAC systems much smarter. Why? Because a network of intelligently communicating RTUs can save up to 25% in electricity costs.

It's a fact

Your rooftop units aren't very smart. In fact, until now, they've been downright dumb. But what if you had a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make them smarter - and to cut your electric costs dramatically?

This is the promise of Encycle and its multi-patented, award-winning Swarm Logic technology. Emulating the way that honey bees synchronize their behavior, Encycle can transform your dumb rooftop AC units into smart, networked, grid-responsive energy assets that much more effective and efficient than those working in isolation. And because RTUs that communicate use much less electricity, they also produce much less CO2. And that's good for everyone.

There has been a lot of buzz about the energy efficiency results we have achieved. We have been featured in TED talks, written about by Bloomberg Business Week and highlighted in numerous technical and business journals.

But more important, it is the energy savings results achieved by our customers that is driving adoption of Encycle's technology by a long and growing number of Fortune 500 enterprises. The benefits, ROI and internal rate of return simply can't be ignored.

Inspired by biology and brought to life in hundreds of building operators and sustainability managers around the world, Swarm Logic by Encycle is all about smart energy. And even smarter savings.

Fast Facts

What inspired us - honey bees!

What inspires us every day - helping energy, facility and sustainability professionals save energy, money and the environment


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"Encycle's Swarm system provided an efficient way to monitor and control peak energy consumption and effectively clip the high demand charges, especially during the summer rate months of TOU."