To control operational costs, facility managers need to employ every energy-saving strategy they can. Efficiently cooling retail sites while keeping customers comfortable can be quite a challenge, especially when outdoor temperatures are at their highest.

For a national retail pet store chain, the “dog days of summer” didn’t stop them from saving thousands of dollars in HVAC energy spend with Encycle. Even with the added challenge of maintaining several micro-climates to keep animals safe and comfortable, Encycle was able to deliver significant savings without the customer having to invest in expensive equipment.

Encycle is leading today’s HVAC energy management market by bringing a new set of web-based energy efficiency capabilities to specialty retail chains across the U.S. and Canada.

The company’s core web-based technology, Swarm Logic®, has been proven to reduce annual HVAC energy costs and consumption for its typical customers by 10% to 20%. The “swarm” concept involves the dynamic synchronization of a building’s HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), making them part of a cloud-based network of smart IoT-connected equipment. The patented solution not only monitors the activity of multiple RTUs but also uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and interpret data to deliver operating instructions to the HVAC units in response to changing outdoor temperatures and other variable factors.

The details of the pet store chain’s HVAC energy savings are featured in an Encycle case study that covers:
Unique challenges of the specialty retail chain
Swarm Logic installation and site details
Total savings in terms of dollars, peak demand, and kWh reduction

The case study can be downloaded for free here.

Contributing author: Chris Hensley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Encycle Corporation

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