As patrons flock to this family-fun restaurant and entertainment chain to enjoy electronic gaming and other amenities, the company is enjoying some pretty big benefits of its own across multiple sites, including total annual HVAC-related energy savings in excess of $500,000.

So what’s different in terms of HVAC operations at this popular entertainment complex these days? Nothing that guests would notice, since indoor comfort has remained unaffected.

But behind the scenes, Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic® technology is interfaced with the smart thermostats at all 115 of their sites to deliver many of the benefits of a building automation system at a fraction of the cost. Swarm Logic enables each site’s rooftop units to operate as part of a networked system, resulting in greater efficiency. Specifically, the entertainment complex has reduced total HVAC energy consumption by more than 5 million kWh annually and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3,900 tons.

Encycle’s IoT-based approach is one that a growing number of multi-site regional, national, and international businesses are using to unlock new value opportunities while meeting sustainability goals.

Besides the low cost of deployment, Swarm Logic helps multi-site customers realize attractive and almost immediate financial payback periods without any large capital investment. The technology also makes it easier for companies to participate in demand response programs for additional revenue streams.

The details of the restaurant and entertainment chain’s HVAC energy savings are featured in a new Encycle case study that highlights:

  • Unique challenges of the chain’s complexes
  • Swarm Logic installation and site details
  • Total annual savings in terms of dollars, peak demand, and kWh reduction
  • Greenhouse gas emission savings

Click here to view or download the case study.

Contributing author: Chris Hensley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Encycle Corporation

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