Case Study


Movie theater chain gains control of loads and reduces energy spend by $35,361 per year.

Case Study: Movie Theater

Movie Theater

This customer is a New Mexico-based, family-owned business with a rich history. The company got its start in 1912 as an opera house out of Farmington, New Mexico. When the opera house burned down in 1922, a new theater was built. The company installed the building’s first air conditioner in 1937 and the first concession stand in 1947. Always at the leading edge of the industry, the customer built New Mexico’s first fully automatic theatre in 1971.

Client Challenge
  1. A. Reduce peak electrical demand without affecting interior temperatures
  2. B. Reduce resources spent on calculating and implementing load limiting techniques
  3. C. Perform demand response more elegantly
  4. D. Access load-level data
Swarm Logic Solution
Swarm Installed: 2010

In 2010, the customer elected to install Encycle’s Swarm Energy Management controllers at three of their New Mexico theaters. Based on the success of these installations, they decided to implement the solution at an additional eight facilities in the first half of 2011.

The Results

A benefit for the movie theater chain that was immediately felt by the busy facilities manager was the newfound ability to view and control loads across the company’s entire portfolio, all from a single platform. With movie schedules changing weekly, scheduling had to be fast and easy. Having integrated seamlessly with a variety of building automation systems, the Swarm Energy Management system delivered on this requirement.

The system also prevents overriding of the thermostats, effectively locking out unauthorized attempts to change the interior temperature of a facility. Swarm Energy Management helped this client to qualify for incentives from El Paso Electric, PNM and Xcel Energy. With average annual savings of $35,361, the movie theater chain is proving that social responsibility and fiscal integrity do not have to be mutually exclusive. As of early 2013, the customer is weighing the possibility of a portfolio-wide rollout.

In addition to being decentralized, the Swarm Energy Management customer portal is mobile. This allows the facilities manager to access load data and modify schedules while on the road. He has even logged in to the portal and made changes from his cell phone while attending a soccer game. The customer portal is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection – a necessary feature for facilities managers who are often on the go and need the ability to make quick changes.

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