Swarm Logic® – Encycle’s unique, AI-enhanced energy management technology –integrates with your building controls to dramatically reduce HVAC-related energy costs by up to 20%.

Our Swarm Logic technology is unlike any other HVAC efficiency solution on the market today. Connecting via the cloud to you existing building automation system, smart thermostats, or IoT platform, Swarm Logic dynamically synchronizes your HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), transforming them into smart, networked, energy-responsive assets.

Swarm Logic® Savings through September 1, 2021

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Peak Demand Savings

Consumption Savings


Energy Cost Savings

CO2 Reduction
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Gain new control capabilities while saving energy.
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Swarm Logic® success stories

Mid-Box Retail Chain
Mid-Box Retail Chain

Case Study

Sigler Brea Sales Office
Commercial Office Building

Case Study

Restaurant & Entertainment
Restaurant & Entertainment Complex

Case Study

Distribution Centers
Distribution Center

Case Study

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