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How it Works

Working Together for Smarter Energy Consumption

In a bee swarm, each bee instinctively behaves in a way that benefits the entire swarm – automatically and without specific instructions from the queen. Swarm Logic works in much the same way. Using swarm intelligence biomimicry -- combined with sophisticated analysis of building and occupancy parameters -- Swarm Logic establishes a wireless network among power-hungry RTUs, enabling them to communicate among themselves autonomously.

In this way, although each unit has limited information, the connected group has the intelligence to respond holistically, determine when each RTU will operate most efficiently and spread energy consumption more logically among individual units to dramatically improve energy efficiency.

In addition to coordinating energy usage, Swarm Logic also accurately measures the power consumption of each device, providing the intelligence needed to proactively pinpoint loads that are running inefficiently by drawing too much or too little current.  This in turn, cuts your maintenance costs and extends the life of your equipment.

Better Energy Management: Provided with EASE

There are several ways you can quickly take advantage of Swarm Logic’s cost- and carbon-cutting benefits, and all of them are delivered with EASE. An acronym for Energy as a Service by Encycle™,  EASE eliminates the complexity and capital outlay needed to deploy the award-winning Swarm Logic technology. It also eliminates the time and burdens of technology deployment, management, implementation and operation. We do it all for you as part of our Encycle 360 program. This means your business runs better and more economically, with little upfront capital.

The Swarm Logic software is able to “swarm” and control your rooftop units via devices that provide connectivity to these units. Options include:

Swarm Controller™
A small controller is installed on each RTU, and the controllers work together to form a cloud-based network that communicates Swarm Logic rules to each unit 7/24/365. Each RTU applies the rules needed to achieve the maximum cost savings.

Leveraging your existing Wi-Fi IoT thermostats, Swarm Logic rules are sent via the cloud to each thermostat to synchronize their electricity consumption. Read more about the benefits of swarming your thermostat!

Swarm Service™
With this option, Swarm Logic is delivered via a cloud-based software API that enables control of your RTUs via third-party building management and building automation systems, as well as systems delivered by other Encycle energy management partners.

The best possible energy savings, at a low cost, with a surprisingly fast ROI and outstanding internal rate of return. Enroll with EASE, and start reaping the results.