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Capabilities Overview

Capabilities Overview

Encycle’s transformative technologies bring an autonomous, holistic approach to “everything HVAC.” Learn how we help companies achieve energy savings, decarbonization, asset management, and sustainability with little or no capital cost.

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Swarm Service™

Cloud-based energy management that makes smart buildings smarter. Integrated with existing building controls, Swarm Service reduces HVAC-related energy costs and CO2 emissions by an additional 10-20%.

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Read about Encycle’s cost-effective option of using smart thermostats to integrate our data-driven Swarm Logic technology. We make it easy for companies that do not have building automation systems to unlock new HVAC-related energy savings.

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Utility and Service Providers Solutions

Simplify energy savings for SMB customers by integrating Encycle’s proven Swarm Logic software to supercharge any programmable or smart thermostat program to reduce your customers’ heating and cooling costs by 10%-30%.

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