Encycle Announces Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Partnership

November 14, 2016

San Marcos, CA, November 14, 2016 – Encycle (www.encycle.com) proudly announces its collaboration with Honeywell as a Total Connect Comfort partner.  Encycle is Honeywell’s first smart thermostat partner to focus exclusively on solutions for commercial and industrial consumers.

Encycle has already integrated Honeywell thermostats into its EASE (Energy as a Service by Encycle™) solution for a nationwide restaurant and entertainment business. With customer satisfaction being a top priority, it was crucial that Encycle’s solution lower electricity costs while ensuring patrons’ comfort. What started out as a 6-site pilot program has now developed into a 17-site portfolio with over 300 thermostats. In 2016 alone, Encycle added over $80,000 in utility cost savings to the customer’s bottom line. The benefits of integrating Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic™ technology with the leading features of Honeywell’s thermostats have been so effective that the chain has standardized this platform for every one of their new locations.

Encycle’s newest solution, the SwarmStat™ service, provides all the benefits of EASE using only IoT enabled thermostats. Honeywell’s WiFi thermostat family is the first deployment platform offered.

One of Encycle’s largest nationwide retailers is piloting SwarmStat to confirm that it meets their performance and payback criteria in utilities with very low tariffs and no demand response programs. This could lead to a rollout of approximately 1,500 SwarmStats from one customer alone.

“SwarmStat is our first ‘Swarm in a Cloud’ product, where we are working with major thermostat and building management system OEMs,” said Bob Chiste, Encycle’s CEO. He added, “Our goal is to enable energy management hardware vendors to enjoy the benefits of our cloud-based Swarm Logic™ service.”

About Encycle

Encycle provides unique benefits to a number of Fortune 500 companies.  The Energy as a Service by Encycle (“EASE”) solution maximizes the performance of HVAC systems to save commercial and industrial companies money while reducing their carbon footprint.  Based on patented Swarm Logic technology, Encycle's platform uses biomimicry techniques to reduce HVAC energy costs, participate in Demand Response programs and gain valuable insight into HVAC performance.  EASE is simple and easy to install, optionally integrates with leading IoT solutions, and delivers ROIs that far exceed most solar, storage and lighting initiatives.

Encycle’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada), San Marcos (California), and Taunton (UK). Encycle, Energy as a Service by Encycle, Swarm Logic, Swarm Energy Management, SwarmStat, OpenStat, Swarm Open, and Swarm Logic Open are registered or pending trademarks of Encycle Corporation.