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Customer Meets Demand Response Goals

How Encycle helped a light industrial facility qualify for significant incentives and achieve total savings of over $28,000 in just six months.

This Encycle customer has had a heritage of innovation for over 50 years, producing severe service control valves that provided a quantum leap in efficiency while transforming their industry. Originally founded in California, the company is now operating globally in 15 different countries. Being an innovative technology company, the customer was aware of the existence of demand response (DR) programs and technologies. However, they struggled to find the right solution for their unique business needs. Their dedication to efficiency underscored the compatibility of Swarm Logic to achieve their energy goals.


Client Challenge


A. Achieve energy bill savings through demand management without affecting customer experience

B. Enable remote, decentralized load management for scheduling and consumption reduction

C. Demand response participation with minimal impact on interior temperatures



Swarm Logic® Solution

Encycle installed Swarm Logic on 27 HVAC units at the manufacturing facility. Swarm Logic performed demand management intelligently by enabling energy loads to communicate and coordinate with one another, thereby reducing the number of loads running at the same time.

By deploying Swarm Logic, the customer realized significant reductions in energy demand while maintaining employee comfort. Swarm Logic did this automatically; no intervention was needed by the facility employees. With Encycle’s guidance, the customer also enrolled their California facility in an AutoDR program. Now when there is a demand response event, the utility sends a signal for curtailment to the Swarm Logic system. The facility managers can simply set their controlled loads to DR mode with the click of a button rather than having employees run around adjusting HVAC controls manually when there is a call for curtailment. Finally, Swarm Logic allows the HVAC units to continue to provide some cooling during events, so a comfortable work environment is maintained.

The Numbers


11 kW Average monthly peak reduction

193,237 kWh Total annual consumption reduction

$21,457 Awarded demand response incentive

$28,686 Savings in six months


“Encycle’s staff took the time to ensure that the customer was comfortable with the technology. Once the controllers were installed and they started to see the benefits, it became clear that Swarm energy management was the right demand response solution.”
Robert Chiste
CEO at Encycle

The Results

The system’s patented Swarm Logic technology meets demand response goals by allowing for significant reductions in energy demand while maintaining occupant comfort. Swarm Logic does this automatically, without any intervention from the facility employees.

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