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Energy Cost Savings

1. Consumption Management

If it's not needed, turn it off.  Maximize energy cost savings.

Put simply, Consumption Management is turning off stuff that shouldn't be on in the first place – like office air conditioners at nighttime, or parking lot lights during the day. This will reduce energy costs.

Humans love to mess with thermostats, time clocks, programs and operating modes. And this messing certainly won't be done with the intent of saving energy. Have you ever seen people return settings to their original positions? No, neither have we – but Swarm Logic can do so for you, and it can save as much as a third off your bill.

What if I have a Building Management or Automation system?

Swarm Logic works with your BAS/BMS to maximize savings, without affecting its operation.  Combined with Demand Management (see below) it's an unbeatable combination.

Benefits beyond simply utility bill savings.

Reducing your consumption not only reduces your monthly utility bills, it allows you to report carbon footprint reductions and increases your energy cost savings.  Our tools can provide such details to aid in your carbon reduction initiatives.

Reduction of energy through consumption management by Encycle's Swarm Logic

2. Demand Management

Keep your customers cool and your costs down. No compromises necessary.

Commercial electricity is charged by the absolute amount you consume (kWh) and also by the peak load (kW) observed during each billing cycle. These peak demand charges can account for 50% of your electricity bill. Because unsynchronized energy consuming devices operate independently, statistically there will be times when many or all of them will be running together – especially during periods of high utilization, like air conditioners on a hot day.

sample bill of savings on energy bill with Encycle's Swarm Logic that cuts consumption and demand charges by 15-30% on average

Swarm Logic synchronizes individual loads so their peak combined load approaches their average load. This Demand Management doesn't reduce kWh like Consumption Management does -you still get the same amount of cooling- but it significantly reduces peak demand to lower demand charges thus increasing energy cost savings.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Unlike demand limiting (which treats the symptom, not the cause) Demand Management does not affect comfort levels. Customers and employees won't even be aware it is happening – but you will certainly notice the significant reduction in your power bill.

Peak Demand Reduction with Encycle's Swarm Logic

3. Intelligent Demand Response

Demand Response is lowering your power consumption in times of high demand on the electricity supply grid. With Swarm Logic this process is not only entirely automated, it is optimized to ensure minimum changes in comfort levels across your site.

Electricity supply utilities typically offer very significant financial incentives to lower your consumption in times of grid stress, because it avoids the possible black-outs which would have a massively detrimental effect on all electricity consumers. It effectively creates a revenue stream for you based on temporary consumption reduction measures!

Intelligent demand response saves energy costs through Encycle's Swarm Logic

Sample Savings with Swarm Logic
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