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Smart Commercial Thermostat Control That’s Also an Economical Energy Management and Savings Solution

Build a “virtual” building automation system for a fraction of the cost by pairing connected thermostats with Encycle’s IoT-enabled Swarm Logic® technology.

Encycle’s SwarmStat technology provides a value-added solution for commercial and industrial building owners interested in making their buildings operate smarter by transitioning from manual thermostats to connected thermostats that are easy to own and operate. Going beyond comfort control, SwarmStat allows companies who may not have a standard building automation system (BAS) or existing smart thermostats to achieve the benefits of our unique, multi-patented, cloud-based Swarm Logic® software technology without having to install additional equipment on their HVAC rooftop units (RTUs).

We partner with several leading OEM building control companies to provide our customers with affordable and easy-to-install connected thermostats that allow facility managers to manage multiple HVAC systems remotely and seamlessly with precise control. For customers who have connected thermostats in place already, we establish connectivity between the thermostats and our Swarm Logic software, which enables rooftop units (RTUs) to operate as a networked system to improve energy efficiency.

“Smart buildings represent a new and potentially enormous opportunity to save energy. The global market for connected devices in commercial buildings has grown steadily since the American Council for Energy Efficiency (ACEEE) first focused on them in 2013.”
– King and Perry, ACEEE Report, February 2017

SwarmStat advantages

Typical Encycle customers who integrate SwarmStat thermostat products with our Swarm Logic technology achieve reductions of 10%-20% on HVAC-related energy spend, consumption, and demand!

Other SwarmStat benefits include:

  • Ability to send Encycle’s Swarm Logic instructions via the cloud to each thermostat to coordinate RTU operation
  • Full integration and extensive compatibility with most HVAC systems
  • 24/7/365 remote access across your entire portfolio of sites with role-based security assigned to each user
  • Significantly less expensive to own and operate than building automation systems
  • Fast and easy to install – Typically done in one day!
  • Reduced electricity costs without impacting occupant comfort
  • Better insight into your HVAC systems’ performance
  • Group scheduling across one or multiple thermostats
  • Access to automated demand response programs for additional revenue opportunities
  • Built-in analytics for insight into your HVAC systems’ performance
  • Lock-out controls that prevent unauthorized users from making changes to temperature settings, programmed times, etc.

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