Achieve Building Sustainability and Energy Efficiency with a Fast Return on Investment

Incorporate Swarm Logic®, Encycle’s cloud-based HVAC energy managment software, into your strategic energy efficiency plan to help meet sustainability goals.

Owners of commercial and industrial buildings are under increasing pressure to implement sustainability programs and processes into their new and existing facilities. Rising energy and infrastructure costs, public interest in sustainability, and new regulations are driving companies to develop aggressive energy-saving goals and adopt transparent energy-efficiency initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint while protecting their bottom line and reputation. In response, more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies now have formalized energy / sustainability programs.

Leading the technology evolution of HVAC energy management, Encycle is helping companies achieve energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions by bringing a new set of energy efficiency capabilities via Swarm Logic®. Whether or not your building was sustainably designed, Encycle can get you on the path to true energy savings.

Encycle is transforming energy efficiency for HVAC just as LED technology transformed energy efficiency for lighting.

By now, most commercial and industrial businesses have replaced their buildings’ incandescent and fluorescent fixtures with LED lighting to save energy and costs. The high efficiency, long life, and directional nature of LEDs may make them a natural choice for virtually every industry, however, LED retrofits are a costly capital expense and require significant manpower to handle multiple installations.

Companies are now looking for the “next big thing” in energy efficiency, with HVAC being a logical target given that it makes up as much as 35% of a building’s overall energy consumption and spend. Traditional approaches to HVAC energy efficiency have had limited success as they require significant capital expenditures, increase the complexity in operating and maintaining HVAC systems, and provide inadequate returns on investment. Unlike any other solution, Encycle’s Swarm Logic technology delivers unmatched benefits that include typical reductions of 10%-20% in HVAC-related kW, kWh, and CO2.

The impact of Swarm Logic’s cloud-based SaaS model is even more compelling than the LED revolution. Swarm Logic significantly outperforms LED retrofits with a comparably greater ROI and little to no capital expense or manpower required. Encycle has already helped our customers save millions of dollars in energy costs across hundreds of facilities in recent years! Even the most energy-efficient buildings – including those that are LEED-certified – have the potential to lower their energy consumption and demand with Encycle.

Compare Encycle’s IoT-enabled Swarm Logic technology to other energy-saving initiatives to see why your business should consider our SaaS solution.

As you can see from the chart, Swarm Logic integrates quickly, is non-intrusive, and delivers almost an immediate payback on initial investment. What’s more, our patented technology is one of the most attractive efficiency options available and effectively complements higher-investment initiatives such as solar and battery storage.

Meeting today’s sustainability initiatives from an HVAC energy perspective.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Building Challenge, the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), ENERGY STAR, RE100, the Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets (GRESB), and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) are all important programs or initiatives aimed at helping companies protect our natural resources and climate. When evaluating strategies to meet these and other sustainability targets, know that Encycle’s entire business model is focused on collecting HVAC system data, interpreting it, and turning it into meaningful action to dramatically reduce energy consumption and demand.
Swarm Logic optimizes the actions of HVAC rooftop units.
Swarm Logic dynamically sequences the deployment of power-hungry HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently in response to changing conditions. Instead of operating in isolation, the RTUs become part of an IoT-based closed-loop system that coordinates RTU activity, thereby apportioning energy consumption more logically among each RTU. All that is required is connectivity between a facility’s building controls and Swarm Logic’s software using a cloud-based application programming interface (API).
Swarm Logic effectively reduces peak demand.
Swarm Logic’s adaptive algorithm looks for and responds to uncontrolled spikes in HVAC energy use caused by a number of factors that include building occupancy and increasing indoor temperatures. The software continuously and automatically fine-tunes the calls for cooling, scheduling them to maintain proper indoor comfort levels while using less energy, especially during peak time intervals, which reduces peak demand.
Swarm Logic helps protect the environment.
By helping customers reduce their energy consumption, Encycle is able to minimize the negative impacts of CO2 while lowering the amount of renewable energy capacity that they need to install and/or procure. Typical Encycle customers achieve a 10%-20% reduction in HVAC-related CO2 emissions, helping them make progress toward meeting their sustainability goals while mitigating risk.
Swarm Logic provides transparent and real-time analytics.
Supporting the core of Swarm Logic is a robust set of analytics tools and reporting, available to Encycle customers through our cloud-based Swarm Service™ and SwarmStat™ offerings. Swarm Service and SwarmStat provide transparent feedback with real insights into your building and HVAC system operations that demonstrate your energy savings and validate your claims. You can always see how each HVAC unit is performing with real-time health checks so you can pinpoint and resolve trouble proactively.

The cleanest and cheapest kilowatts are the ones you don’t use.

Let Encycle help your business create a more energy sustainable future while realizing rapid economic savings. Call us at 1-855-875-4031.

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