Swarm Logic is Encycle's flagship machine learning energy management technology that helps businesses achieve their energy consumption goals.

The Challenge

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Antiquated and Limited Systems

Despite their purpose to enhance energy efficiency (EE) and support sustainability goals, many existing Energy Management Systems (EMS/BAS) and smart thermostats can be outdated and limited in optimizing connected loads.

Demand for Open Systems

Customers increasingly seek open, flexible systems that support third-party software integrations, allowing customization of their EMS offerings to their exact specifications.

EMS Integration Demand

In an evolving market favoring open source and protocols, OEMs' revenue will hinge on their offerings' ability to integrate seamlessly with EMS and deliver added value to customers.

The Solution

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Swarm Logic Seamless Integration

Encycle partners with leading OEMs to seamlessly integrate Swarm Logic into their energy management systems and smart thermostats, helping customers achieve up to 30% more HVAC energy savings with a realized ROI of a few months.

Customized Access

Integration paths offered allow our OEM partners to integrate the solutions via several paths depending on UI ownership preferences.

Customer-Facing Solutions

Offers easily deployable solutions that tackle common customer challenges and enable revenue diversification through SaaS components, enhancing shareholder value.

Flexible Deployment Options

Encycle provides versatile service deployment from onsite controllers to cloud, or cloud to cloud, accommodating partners' preferences.

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