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Deploy advanced solutions in hours, learn in days, and achieve continuous 24/7 HVAC optimization to significantly reduce energy costs, carbon footprint, and peak demand.

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Integrated Energy

Intelligence Solutions

Demand Management

Discover the distinct strategies behind managing energy demands

Swarm Logic was crafted with precision to address the unique challenges of both Demand Management and Demand Response, offering specialized solutions that cater to each domain's specific needs.


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Demand Response

Demand Response is a temporary and aggressive dip in energy use, often fleeting once the demand event ends.


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Demand Management

Demand Management signifies a permanent reduction in peak demand, maintaining comfort without compromise.

The Challenge of True Demand Management

Achieving genuine 24/7 peak demand reduction

in the HVAC space is a complex feat. It's about ensuring ongoing occupancy comfort while managing energy loads — a delicate balance that is tough to strike.

We can help

Use Encycle’s Patented Solution

Encycle's patented technology easily and effectively reduces peak demand 24/7 without impacting occupant comfort. For this reason, we are the only HVAC optimization software endorsed and incentivized by a number of utilities across the US and Canada. We have cracked the code on effectively reducing peak demand and improving overall building comfort through advanced, intelligent solution deployments.

Consumption Management

Next-Generation Consumption Management with Encycle

Just as cruise control in vehicles ensures fuel efficiency, we believe HVAC systems should have the same level of sophisticated control.

Encycle’s Innovative Software Solution

Built to change the game

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Autonomous HVAC optimization software

It was designed as an easily deployable intelligence layer that lightly sits on top of energy management systems and connected thermostats to deliver significant energy reductions, by optimizing HVAC energy usage in real-time.

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Real-Time HVAC Optimization

Swarm Logic deployments quickly reduce energy usage by optimizing gas and electric use. Encycle's intelligence layer adapts to building conditions and occupancy, optimizing cooling and heating delivery to achieve corporate comfort levels with minimal energy usage.


Sustainability & Decarbonization through Energy Management

Achieving sustainability is more than just a goal; it's a necessity. With Encycle, reduce your energy consumption and permanently alter your building's load curve for a lasting positive environmental impact.


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Carbon Footprint Reduction

By implementing Encycle’s solutions, your organization can significantly cut down HVAC-related carbon emissions. Expect an average reduction of 20% in your HVAC carbon footprint, contributing directly to your green credentials.

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Targeting Scope 1 and 2 Emissions

Our solutions are precision-engineered to target and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions, aligning with your sustainability objectives and helping you meet regulatory benchmarks.

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Economic and Environmental ROI

Compare this to the outcomes of LED retrofit projects—Encycle achieves equivalent reductions in emissions but with a far more compelling return on investment. On average, you’ll see ROI in just 0.4 years, which stands favorably against the longer payback period for LED solutions.


Utility Incentive Processing

Our patented solutions are not only tried and tested, but also recognized by utilities across North America as a benchmark for energy savings.

Maximizing Efficiency

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Proven Solutions and Verified Savings

Due to the proven savings, verified by the various utilities we work with, incentives are awarded for multiple years of Encycle software deployments.

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Comprehensive Incentive Management

From the initial incentive application to the final Measurement and Verification (M&V), Encycle handles it all.

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Turnkey Thermostat Solutions

Our utility partners offer comprehensive smart thermostat installation and integration with Encycle’s advanced control solutions, making energy management sophisticated and user-friendly.

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