HVAC Resiliency

Machine Learning for Increased Resiliency of HVAC Infrastructure

Minimize HVAC downtime, improve comfort, and experience seamless maintenance workflows with advanced mechanical fault detection solutions, that easily scale across an enterprise-wide portfolio to meet escalating facility demands.

Two hexagons representing Swarm IQ and Swarm Sentinel combine together to the HWAC resiliencyTwo hexagons representing Swarm IQ and Swarm Sentinel combine together to the HWAC resiliency

Encycle's HVAC Resilience


Swarm IQ™

Say goodbye to overlooked maintenance issues and hello to streamlined, efficient operations.

Swarm IQ provides automated fault detection analytics that identify HVAC issues that require maintenance such as mechanical health and controls system connectivity.

How it Works

Encycle boasts a massive database of actual sub-metered HVAC load data, under all operational conditions.

This extensive data enables Swarm IQ to deliver targeted analytics, ...

...enhance overall enterprise-level asset management, ...


...significantly speed up the detection time for mechanical faults.

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Enhanced Visibility and Performance Insight

Use data-driven learning tools to provide unparalleled insight into the performance and efficiency of your HVAC systems.

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Macro and Micro-Level Insights

Use the power of Swarm IQ to identify macro-level building issues, with the ability to drill down to individual HVAC unit’s micro-level performance.

Facility Management Empowerment

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Maintenance Efficiency

Using the unique capability of input planning you can early detect equipment problems, reducing the frequency of urgent service calls, commonly known as “hot calls.”

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Role-Based Accessibility

Facilitate seamless collaboration with permission-based roles for all management levels and external vendors or service providers.

Benefits of Implementing Swarm IQ for HVAC Efficiency

Automate detection of HVAC issues

Activate proactive maintenance

Reduce diagnostics labor time

Optimize facility management and budget expenditures

Reduce energy waste and emissions through operational efficiency

Extend equipment longevity

Avoid comfort disruptions, downtime, and occupant complaints

Improve overall long-term HVAC resiliency

Swarm Sentinel™

Empower your maintenance strategy with crystal-clear insights.

Swarm Sentinel offers straight-through processing of data that is rich in detail, unambiguous, and precise, sourced from Swarm IQ, to any work order solutions platform. This gives facility managers and service providers the precise information they need to investigate, schedule, and resolve identified problems.

Closed-loop Swarm Sentinel


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Notification and Ticket Creation

Swarm Sentinel promptly creates a service ticket and notifies facility managers.

Issue Identification

Swarm Sentinel begins by automatically identifying issues within the HVAC system using real-time data.

Investigation and Scheduling

Facility managers or service providers investigate the issue and schedule maintenance or repairs based on Swarm Sentinel's detection.

Issue Resolution

Service providers resolve the issue according to the maintenance plan and update the service ticket upon completion.

Close Loop

The loop is about to be closed, with the problem completely resolved and documented, guaranteeing accountability and service quality.


After the resolution is confirmed and payment is processed, feedback is collected for continuous improvement.

Approval and Payment

Once the audit confirms the HVAC issue is resolved, payment approval is given, ensuring payments are made only for successful services.

Audit and Verification

Swarm Sentinel verifies completed service tickets using real-time HVAC performance data to ensure effective issue resolution.

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