We offer advanced energy efficiency, demand management, and demand response solutions that drive grid stabilization and reliability, while maximizing current infrastructure.

The Challenge

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Grid Infrastructure Improvement Pressures

Utilities face increasing pressure to enhance grid infrastructure due to regulatory changes, electrification requirements, and the surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, making grid stability a critical issue.

Demand Response Programs

Historically, utilities have relied on Demand Response programs to mitigate grid stress during peak demand periods, with many also exploring renewable energy options.

HVAC Impact on Grid Demand

HVAC units are identified as one of the largest demand creators on the grid, presenting a significant challenge for utilities seeking to manage demand effectively.

Commercial Building Operators' Challenge

Despite varying levels of control sophistication, from energy management systems to thermostats, commercial building operators have struggled to permanently reduce their impact on grid stress, highlighting a missed opportunity for improvement through intelligent optimization software.

The Solution

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Intelligent Solution Deployment

Facilitates the easy rollout of intelligent solutions aimed at tackling grid stabilization and carbon reduction challenges.

Infrastructure Optimization

Maximizes the use of existing infrastructure, enhancing utility operations without the need for extensive upgrades.

Broad Commercial Reach

Encycle assists utilities in reaching all types of commercial buildings, ensuring widespread impact on energy efficiency.

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