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Maximize the use of current infrastructure with robust, reliable technology for complete Demand Response visibility and control.

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Discover the pinnacle of Demand Response solutions that transform your buildings into sources of revenue

Swarm DR™

Turns the concept of energy management into an opportunity for revenue generation through participation in Demand Response programs.

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Deployment within an hour...

...that ensures your system is quickly ready for Demand Response participation, minimizing setup time and maximizing opportunities.

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Ability to handle Manual and Automated dispatch signals... quickly respond to changes in demand, ensuring optimal participation and revenue generation.

Swarm DR

Advanced Features

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Swift Response Protocols

Robust communication protocols enable Swarm DR to offer quick response times, guaranteeing that you capitalize on every revenue opportunity without delay.

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Intelligent Peak Navigation

Swarm DR's advanced technology effectively prevents the creation of false peaks before and after Demand Response events, ensuring sustained operational efficiency and enhancing financial returns.

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Impact on Operators

Swarm DR provides building operators and facility managers with reliable Demand Response dispatch, increasing participation revenue recognition.


OpenADR Infrastructure

Encycle, as an active member of the OpenADR Alliance since 2011, has developed a superior OpenADR infrastructure that provides unparalleled access and participation in Demand Response events, setting the industry benchmark.

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* full OpenADR 2.0b certified and committed to adopting OpenADR 3.0 upon its release
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Fully Automated Events

Every Demand Response event is fully automated, ensuring seamless participation regardless of building location.

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Access to Real-Time Pricing Markets

Customers can tap into real-time pricing markets for advanced Demand Response participation, opening new opportunities for energy cost savings.

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Decarbonization Opportunities

Enables further decarbonization of energy use by aligning with the grid generation supply mix, contributing to environmental sustainability.

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Simple and Quick Dispatch

Quick and easy dispatch through energy management systems or connected thermostats, eliminating the need for additional hardware installation.

Maximizing Benefits

of Swarm DR

DR Incentive Processing

Comprehensive Incentive Support

Encycle’s team of utility incentive professionals offers full support for automated demand response incentives applications, managing every step from initial application to final Measurement & Verification (M&V).

Simplified Process Navigation

Expert navigation through various utility processes and documentation requirements, simplifying what can often be a complex and daunting task.

Cost Offset Opportunities

Utility incentives that significantly reduce the financial burden of hardware and software deployment, making energy management systems more accessible.

Personalized Guidance

Dedicated support from Encycle, providing customers with essential information and personalized guidance through the incentive application process.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

Advanced Virtual Power Modeling

Swarm Logic utilizes industry-leading virtual power modeling to enable Swarm DR's real-time reporting on HVAC performance during demand response events, ensuring unparalleled visibility into outcomes.

Immediate Performance Insights

Eliminates the long wait times of 3 to 9 months for utility reporting, allowing immediate understanding of event success and safeguarding Demand Response revenues.

Proactive Problem Identification

Proactively identifies sites not meeting demand response load shed targets, collaborating with customers for timely remediation and optimized future participation.

Revenue Maximization

With a focus on enhancing revenue from Demand Response participation, Swarm DR is designed to maximize returns, transforming Demand Response into a more profitable venture.

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