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Our patented, easy-to-deploy solutions are designed to enhance the operational efficiency of HVAC systems, streamline maintenance workflows, lower energy consumption and carbon emissions, and deliver a positive effect on your financial performance.

The Challenge

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Peak Demand

Many facilities use HVAC systems with individual units programmed to respond to specific zones, leading to a lack of dynamic load coordination across the facility. This setup tends to be reactive rather than proactive, with the system responding to building thermal loads as they occur.

High Operational Costs

Higher peak demand charges can lead to increased operational costs, and emergency maintenance typically drives these costs even higher.

Low Occupant Comfort

Traditional load limiting and shedding approaches can have a negative impact on occupant comfort as HVAC units often do not operate at their optimal efficiency.

Reactive Approach to Maintenance

The maintenance approach is reactive, driven by urgent service calls that arise from a lack of visibility into the health of the HVAC systems.

Old HVAC Equipment

Older HVAC units tend to be less efficient and often require replacement. The need for replacement is primarily driven by the inefficiency of these older units.

Sustainability Goals

Achieving sustainability goals necessitates a permanent shift toward reducing energy consumption. Moreover, traditional methods of load limiting and shedding are not sustainable solutions for long-term energy management.

The Solution

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Swarm Logic implementation

Encycle’s Swarm Logic backbone allows facility managers to quickly address mechanical issues, while maximizing maintenance dollars, and allowing Energy teams to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint with a cost effective, utility endorsed technology, that also unlocks additional revenue streams.

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