The Benefits of Swarm Logic® HVAC Software

Looking for the best way to save energy with your commercial building’s HVAC system? Check out these impressive advantages that Encycle delivers to C&I customers.

Like most energy and facility managers, you’d probably like to reduce HVAC energy consumption and demand without spending a lot of money on equipment purchases or upgrades. Chances are, you are managing a multitude of buildings spread across regions or even countries, and you have little time available to supervise complex installations or to manually review energy usage patterns to determine ways to save. And if that’s not draining enough, you need to figure out what HVAC equipment needs to be serviced and repaired to maintain operational efficiency.

If you are looking for a simpler, streamlined approach that will yield almost instantaneous HVAC energy savings with little or no equipment purchase – and no need for additional personnel – consider the benefits of Encycle’s Swarm Logic solution.

With Swarm Logic, typical Encycle customers save between 10% to 20% on HVAC energy spend, consumption, and demand demonstrated by numerous case studies. These same customers become cash-flow positive almost immediately, creating an unprecedented return on fees without any downsides or risk. Large customers with multiple facilities realize six- or seven-figure net savings per year with no incremental capital.

With public sustainability interest and programs expanding, Swarm Logic is helping customers achieve specific energy-based goals and reduce their carbon footprint by managing consumption and demand.

For companies participating in demand response programs, Swarm Logic automatically manages peak demand and load scheduling to ensure established agreements or contracts are met without worry or hassle.

Little or no capital expenditure for equipment is needed in most cases. All that is required is connectivity between the facility’s building controls (BAS, smart thermostats, or IoT platform) and Swarm Logic’s software using a cloud-based application programming interface (API).

  • Highly intuitive and responsive

Swarm Logic continuously fine tunes the operation of a building’s RTUs as new data are received that reflect fluctuations in cooling requirements driven by a number of variables such as indoor zone temperature and building occupancy. Indoor comfort is never compromised, and critical building requirements are consistently met.

  • Extends the life of HVAC equipment

Swarm Logic employs artificial intelligence to reduce unnecessary rooftop unit (RTU) operation, which improves efficiency and extends service life. Our Swarm Portal™ reporting platform provides visibility into RTU operation, helping preserve your RTU equipment investments.

  • Minimizes equipment repair and replacement costs

Swarm Logic continually monitors each building site and can help identify faulty or underperforming equipment. This allows you to schedule HVAC preventive maintenance and repair before it becomes a greater cost and/or creates a comfort problem.

  • Assurance of the latest proprietary technology

Encycle’s Swarm algorithms and advanced methodologies mean customers subscribing to Swarm Logic always have next-generation control and reporting capabilities, allowing them to extend the useful life cycle of the investment made in building controls by integrating advanced control functionality.

  • Automated monitoring 24/7/365

Swarm Logic operates automatically in the background, so there’s no additional personnel overhead needed to maintain, monitor, or adjust Swarm Logic performance. Our cloud-based software continually monitors the HVAC systems of all your buildings, providing a synchronized and enterprise-level approach to HVAC-related energy savings.

  • Advanced analytics and reporting

Supporting the core of Swarm Logic is a robust set of analytics tools and reports, giving you transparent feedback with real insights and visibility into your building and RTU operations. You can always see how each HVAC unit is performing with real-time health checks, so you can pinpoint and resolve trouble proactively before it becomes an emergency.

  • Scalable for any number of facilities

Swarm Logic serves a broad range of customers across multiple industries with a wide range of energy profiles. Our Swarm Technology™ works with buildings and packaged HVAC units of any age located in all climate zones in North America. A long and growing number of Fortune 500 enterprises are adopting Encycle’s impressive technology to add another stream of value to their bottom lines.

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