Integrate Swarm Logic® with a Building Automation System

Swarm Service: Cloud-based energy management that takes Energy-as-a-Service to a new level.

Whether you are using a building automation system (BAS) or planning to install one, you are already focused on reducing HVAC-related energy costs and CO2 emissions. But what if you could achieve even more savings on top of what you realize with no additional capital investment?

You can – by up to 20% more with the independent proven savings of Encycle’s unique AI-enhanced, data-driven Swarm Logic® technology. The multi-patented, cloud-based software with building automation systems to collect HVAC equipment and building operational data, sending it to the cloud where Swarm Logic determines optimal HVAC control decisions for the BAS to apply.

Commercial and industrial enterprises across the North America rely on Swarm Service to significantly lower utility bill costs, maximize efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. All this with a payback period of a few months. It’s no wonder Encycle customers confirm that Swarm Logic is a must-have energy and carbon emissions reduction solution.

Swarm Service is comprised of:

  1. Swarm Logic® software technology
  2. Swarm Portal® analytics and reporting platform
  3. Two-way communication pathway between Swarm Logic and existing BAS or IoT platform
  4. Technical and training support
Encycle is Transforming the HVAC Landscape

Seamless integration with no disruption

Encycle’s Swarm Service provides a simple Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution for companies to leverage their existing building controls rather than disrupt or replace them. Our IoT-based approach lets you quickly and easily harmonize the activity of your HVAC systems without installing any additional hardware. All that is required is an internet connection from your BAS to the Encycle Swarm Service cloud.

You can start reaping the energy efficiency benefits of Swarm Logic immediately with our Swarm Service program. Swarm Service eliminates capital outlay and the burdens of technology deployment, management, implementation, and operation.

Seamless integration with no disruption

Big results, small investment

Encycle Swarm Service benefits

Swarm Service is an economical, simple-to-enable energy management solution that delivers fast results, including a rapid return on investment.

  • Dramatically reduces energy costs while maintaining the customer’s desired level of comfort
  • Optimizes HVAC system performance based on established scheduling and setpoints
  • Includes easy-to-understand energy and HVAC unit operational reporting and analytics that shift maintenance activities from reactive to proactive
  • Adapts to each building’s requirements and characteristics
  • Swarm Service supports your sustainability goals by reducing GHG emissions
  • 24/7/365 multiple user access with role-based security and permissions for their BAS and third-party energy monitoring service
  • Hands-free, autonomous operation frees your facility operations team to focus on other priorities
  • Fast and easy to deploy (typically sites can be enabled for Swarm Logic in an hour or less)
  • Swarm Service works seamlessly with existing building controls and is compatible with a growing number of OEM building automation products and systems

Want to make the most out of your BAS?

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