Data Security

Our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) features comprehensive data security that’s safe and reliable.

At Encycle we understand the importance of protecting our enterprise-level customers’ HVAC systems data. As an experienced SaaS provider, we proactively manage our Swarm Logic® platform using a layered security approach that includes the latest encryption certificates, technologies, and access controls to protect customer data while guarding against interruptions in our service.
Resilience and Availability
What is Encycle’s Swarm Logic software availability?
It is available 24/7/365.

Does Encycle monitor its systems and software?
Yes. Our Swarm Logic SaaS platform’s IT operations are controlled and monitored on a 24/7/365 basis for the service’s availability, performance, and integrity.

Are security updates provided automatically?
Yes. Responsive security updates are provided at no extra cost.

Does Encycle’s software contain system redundancy?
Yes. Our Swarm Logic technology may require interface software to be run on an installed building controls solution, however, it is inherently siloed by decisions that affect a single site only. Any issues related to a single site will typically affect that site only, and not the enterprise portfolio of sites connected to Swarm Logic. Deployed on a massive-scale cloud platform, Swarm Logic features a multi-layer design and segmented services to remove single points of failure or single-action processing bottlenecks.

Application and Software Security
Does Encycle encrypt data in transit?
Yes. All access to the Swarm Portal™ uses secure data communications. All data sent by the building controls solution to and from Swarm Logic is secure and encrypted.

Do I need to make any changes to my firewall to use Swarm Logic?
Encycle does not need inbound access to your environment. Similar to any web browser, you would only need to provide your building controls with outbound access using HTTPS (port 443) to the Encycle cloud.

How does Encycle gain security to a building’s HVAC system and its operations?
For Swarm Service™, Encycle’s cloud deployment option that delivers Swarm Logic software via a cloud-based application programming interface (API), the building controls solution manages its own security and uses a security key provided by Encycle to gain secure access to Swarm Logic’s platform. In the case of SwarmStat™, where Swarm Logic instructions are retrieved by connected thermostats from the cloud to coordinate their operation, the customer allows the thermostats to call out to the Encycle cloud to control their activity.

What building control data does Swarm Logic require?
Encycle needs access to common site-level data, HVAC configuration and operational state information only.

Who should I contact if I suspect a security issue has occurred?
While the chances of this are remote, our Customer and Technical Support team is available 24/7/365 by calling 1-760-481-7878.

Swarm Portal™ User Access
How do customers gain access to the Swarm Portal?
Access to the Swarm Portal is by invitation only for customers who have a current service agreement with Encycle.

What access to data do I have in the Swarm Portal?
As a customer of Encycle, you have the ability to access the data related to your business only. Furthermore, the right to perform certain activities or functions for a user is determined by the security role(s) associated with their login account. These roles are maintained by your designated Swarm Portal administrator.

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