Demand Response Programs Can be an Easy Way for Companies to Save Money

Encycle’s data-driven Swarm Logic® software integrates with existing HVAC systems to automatically manage peak demand and load control, strategically lowering utility bills.

Demand response (DR) programs are a win-win situation for energy power companies that need to balance supply and demand – and for commercial and industrial customers who want to reduce the cost of their energy.

By rationing or shifting their power usage (load), especially during high-demand summer days, businesses can earn financial incentives from power companies. These financial incentives may include lower net unit pricing, time-based pricing, or rebates that can add up to significant cost savings – savings that can be used to achieve sustainability goals, boost profit margins, and fund other important projects or initiatives.

How can Encycle help?

Encycle removes barriers of complexity and capital outlay, ensuring that established agreements or contracts are met whether you’ve committed to a voluntary, mandatory, or price-responsive DR program. We’ve made it a priority to build expertise in the area of DR programs, enabling our team to help our customers determine which programs make the most “cents” that will add up to significant dollars in energy savings and incentives. In the past three years, Encycle has supported hundreds of sites and 7,600 demand response calls for curtailment.

Encycle offers:

Assistance in Selecting and Applying for DR Programs
Encycle’s highly trained energy experts are here to help you take advantage of every possible savings opportunity. We will be happy to help you select and apply for demand response programs and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

24/7 “Behind-the-Scenes” Energy Management Solution
Since Swarm Logic operates automatically in the background, your team won’t be burdened with any additional tasks to execute utility-created DR programs. With Encycle, DR calls from energy utility companies are managed automatically 24/7/365.

Simplified Solution that Delivers Great Value
With Swarm Logic, you can simplify operations with a coordinated DR solution that integrates with your facility’s existing control environment. Our integrated approach adds even greater value to any earned utility incentive programs by effectively executing DR initiatives without the need for a separate or dedicated service.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Supporting the core of Swarm Logic is Swarm Portal™, a robust set of analytics tools and reports giving you transparent feedback with real insights and HVAC visibility into your building and RTU operations. Real-time reporting capabilities help validate your energy savings.

Integration with Automated Demand Response Protocols
Encycle’s SwarmStat™ provides connectivity and is compatible with OpenADR and CPower Link automated DR protocols that allow for standardized and automated interoperation.

Keep all of your savings with an “elegant exit” from DR events

With traditional demand response strategies, energy demand can easily “spike” when exiting a DR event, leading to excessive peak demand charges that cut into the economic benefits realized from DR programs. This happens because HVAC systems aren’t instructed to slowly ramp up once the DR event is over. Swarm Logic reduces these sharp, counterproductive rebounds by continuously monitoring peaks, enabling an elegant exit from the DR event.

Demand response programs shouldn’t demand much of you.

Let Encycle help you automatically manage and reduce your energy load to dramatically reduce energy costs and earn valuable price incentives.

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