Reducing Your Buildings’ HVAC Energy Usage Has Never Been Simpler

Swarm Logic® AI-enhanced technology is easy to purchase, deploy, and operate. Plus, you’ll be cash-flow positive almost immediately.

Encycle realizes that energy and facility managers are overburdened and that a significant amount of their time is dedicated to solving day-to-day issues. With limited time available to evaluate new initiatives, they need to be very selective when choosing which programs to consider, prioritizing those that have the most attractive business case. And since they often manage multiple facilities that can reach into the hundreds or even thousands, facility managers don’t have the bandwidth to deploy and manage a complicated new program – especially one that requires a lot of daily support to work correctly.

Swarm Logic is different.
Forget about the traditional and complex approaches to HVAC energy efficiency and software programs that merely monitor your HVAC systems. Encycle’s data-driven, multi-patented Swarm Logic technology is a unique and powerful enterprise-wide SaaS that integrates with your existing building controls. Through this integration, Swarm Logic continually and automatically analyzes your HVAC systems’ operational data, makes energy-saving decisions, and applies these decisions to each HVAC rooftop unit on all your building sites.

We offer a synchronized approach with scalable solutions to meet virtually any building requirements serving a wide range of industries.

Five simple steps to see if Swarm Logic is right for your company

Understand the difference between Swarm Logic and other HVAC energy savings solutions on the market.

  • Swarm Logic is an AI-enhanced solution that usually requires little or no capital investment for equipment, delivering savings of six and seven figures across a typical customer’s portfolio of facilities.
  • Swarm Logic integrates with your existing building control technologies. All that’s required is cloud-based connectivity between the building controls and Swarm Logic. Everything happens in the Swarm Cloud!
  • There is no disruption to your company’s business or comfort.
  • Swarm Logic is an autonomous energy savings solution requiring no human interaction to maintain and monitor.
  • Swarm Logic is flexible and adaptable across building size, climate zones, and utility billing structures.
Get in touch with us.

We start by having a simple phone conversation about your commercial or industrial buildings and their HVAC systems. This helps our energy experts determine the basic functions and requirements of your operation. During this time, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about Encycle and Swarm Logic. We can also provide you with actual energy savings results achieved by Encycle customers. Our typical customers save between 10% to 20% on HVAC energy consumption and spend!

Find out the savings potential of your portfolio of facilities.

We work with you and your team on a no-obligation basis to determine the energy consumption profile of your sites, understand your equipment, and calculate potential energy and cost savings. Our energy specialists will then develop a comprehensive report and proposal detailing the likely savings and ROI you can expect.


Sign up with ease.

Our customers have the option of tailoring their fees with our SaaS program through attractive multi-year and multi-facility arrangements. This is often a very welcome proposition for CFOs who are looking for every possible way to cut costs. Swarm Logic technology also integrates through trusted industry partners, including Carrier, ENTOUCH, Honeywell MultiSite, Lightstat, Resideo, and Tridium. Click here to learn more.

Enjoy the Savings!

Begin watching your immediate energy savings with next-generation analytics and reporting capabilities that give you transparent feedback and real insights into your building and RTU operations. See how each HVAC unit is performing with real-time health checks so you can pinpoint and resolve trouble proactively before it becomes an emergency.

Where are you on your energy journey?

Software decision-makers are now defaulting to cloud deployment as a mainstream approach to SaaS models due to lower initial investment, reduced hardware and IT costs, powerful scalability, faster innovation, and simplified upgrade processes. Don’t have a sophisticated BAS, smart thermostats, or IoT platform? We’ll work with our partners to determine what we can do for your company. Call us at 1-855-875-4031.

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