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Swarm technology

What is Swarm Logic®?
Swarm Logic is Encycle’s data-driven, multi-patented energy management software that dynamically synchronizes power-hungry HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently in response to changing conditions such as outdoor temperature, building occupancy levels, and RTU performance. Instead of operating in isolation, each RTU becomes part of an IoT-based network, thereby apportioning energy consumption more logically among the individual RTUs through the application of Swarm Logic-based control decisions. This approach lowers energy costs, maximizes energy efficiency, and reduces environmental impact while maintaining building comfort. All of this is achieved without the need for additional hardware or equipment in most cases. Swarm Logic has been proven to reduce HVAC energy consumption, costs, and demand by 10%-20% for typical Encycle customers. For customers who have already invested in building controls and/or are currently using a third-party energy monitoring service, Encycle delivers additional savings beyond the value they are realizing with their existing products and services. Swarm technology complements a variety of energy-saving initiatives to help companies achieve even greater energy savings.
How do I access Swarm Logic?
Encycle offers cloud-based solutions that can easily integrate with many building controls, IoT platforms, and smart thermostats. Contact us today to learn more about SwarmStat or Swarm Service deployment for your building(s) existing equipment and/or technology.
What is Swarm Service™?
Swarm Service is Encycle’s enterprise-level solution that delivers Swarm Logic software via a cloud-based application programming interface (API), enabling control of a building’s RTUs via existing building controls (building automation system or IoT platform) and/or third-party monitoring service provider.
What is SwarmStat™?
Swarm Logic supercharges your smart thermostats by sending instructions via the cloud to each thermostat to coordinate and optimize HVAC system operations. Customers with compatible smart thermostats achieve all the benefits of Swarm Logic without the need to install additional equipment and we can also work with customers to easily upgrade their thermostats.
What types of industries does Encycle help?
Encycle serves a broad range of industries, including Retail, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Offices, Entertainment Venues, Schools, Light Industrial, Distribution Centers, and Energy Services. Find your industry here.
Do I need to hire additional personnel to monitor or manage Swarm Logic?
No. Swarm Logic operates invisibly and automatically in the background so there’s no management overhead needed to maintain, monitor, or adjust your HVAC system.
Is Swarm Logic deployed on a subscription basis?
Yes. Encycle uses a fee-based subscription model that eliminates the complexity and capital outlay needed to deploy our Swarm Logic products and services. By enrolling in our service, customers can quickly take advantage of Swarm Logic’s cost- and carbon-cutting benefits while eliminating the burdens of technology deployment, management, implementation, and operation. Tailored fees and scheduling make Swarm Logic an attractive proposition for CFOs looking to improve their bottom lines.

Buildings and sites

What types of buildings benefit the most from Swarm Logic technology?
Buildings that benefit the most from Swarm Logic are typically retail, commercial, and industrial buildings with a total energy load in the 5 kW to 5M MW range, measuring anywhere from 5K to 1M+ in square feet. They can be single- or multi-story facilities such as retail and grocery stores, restaurants, offices, schools, distribution centers, enclosed shopping malls, and light industrial of any age located in any climate. The typical spend on energy per building should be at least $25k per year to realize significant savings.
Does Swarm Logic work with all building automation systems, smart thermostats, and/or IoT platforms?
Swarm Logic will work with any building controls (building automation system, smart thermostat, IoT platform) where we can establish two-way communication. Encycle recognizes that many of our customers have a mixture of building controls in use across their buildings; the list of products that Swarm Logic can integrate with is continually expanding. Please contact Encycle regarding your specific needs.
What if my building doesn’t have a standard building automation system or smart thermostat control system?
Encycle works with several leading OEM building automation system (BAS) and thermostat experts in the industry. Since we are independent, we can provide equitable guidance to the types of BAS or connected thermostat technologies that best fit your needs. While many customers find they cannot justify the deployment of a robust BAS for financial or operational reasons, they often realize similar advantages by implementing Encycle’s SwarmStat™ solution that delivers all the control benefits associated with a smart thermostat plus the savings of Swarm Logic.
What if my company has multiple sites?
Swarm Logic is designed to simply and elegantly support customers — such as retail chains — that operate hundreds and even thousnds of facilities nationally or globally. Our Swarm Logic technology allows all your buildings to become part of a networked system, dynamically synchronizing the operations of groups of HVAC rooftop units, without having to purchase or install expensive equipment. We will help establish connectivity to our cloud-based software, making the integration process swift and easy.
Will Swarm Logic affect indoor comfort levels?
No. Unlike demand limiting strategies (which treat the symptom, not the cause), Swarm Logic’s automated and smart energy technology will not affect comfort levels or adherence to setpoints. Swarm Logic balances out the cooling within a building on a continuous basis in response to changing operating conditions and outdoor temperatures. Your customers or employees will not be aware it is happening, but you will certainly notice the significant reduction in your energy bill.
Can Swarm Logic control certain temperature-sensitive zones differently?
Yes. This is a configuration option for any building connected to Swarm Logic. It is commonly used in critical areas such as computer rooms, pharmacy areas, reception desks, or point-of-sale areas.
Can Swarm Logic help extend the life of my HVAC rooftop units?
Yes. Using our patented adaptive algorithms, Swarm Logic may improve operational efficiency while extending RTU service life. In addition, Swarm Logic continually monitors each building site and can help identify faulty or underperforming equipment. This allows you to schedule maintenance and repair before it becomes a greater problem.


Will I need to purchase additional equipment to use Swarm Logic technology?
In most cases, little or no capital investment is required. All that is required is the establishment of connectivity between each facility’s building controls, and the Swarm Logic software, which is deployed via a cloud-based application programming interface (API). There’s no need for an extensive site study, no disruption to business, and virtually no risk.
What cooling equipment does Swarm Logic work with?
Swarm Logic works with all HVAC packaged units, split systems, and rooftop units with independent zone control. It is not directly dependent on any specific HVAC manufacturer or model and has been deployed to manage units from 2 tons to 175 tons in size. There should be a minimum of two (2) HVAC rooftop units on a building for Swarm Logic to maximize efficiency.

HVAC-related energy and cost savings

How much energy can I expect to save with Swarm Logic?
Typical Encycle customers achieve reductions of 10%-20% in HVAC-related kW, kWh, and CO2 in addition to results already achieved through investment in building controls and/or third-party monitoring service providers. Our energy specialists can calculate the potential energy and cost savings for your entire portfolio of facilities.
What is the typical return on investment and payback period?
Typical Encycle customers achieve 10%-20% savings on HVAC energy spend, kWh, kW and CO2. Our unobtrusive technology typically yields a simple payback of just a few months with minimal incremental capital investment. Most customers experience six- and even seven-figure savings with returns on fees of 2X-5X, with some customers saving even more.
How will I see that Swarm Logic is working?
Swarm Logic has a robust set of analytics tools and reports giving you transparent feedback with real insights and detailed visibility into your building and RTU operations, including real-time RTU health checks.
How does Swarm Logic compare to other energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting, solar energy, and energy storage?
Compared to these energy-saving technologies, Swarm Logic integrates more quickly, is non-intrusive, and delivers almost an immediate payback on initial investment with little or no capital investment. Click here to learn how Encycle is transforming the HVAC energy efficiency industry.

Sustainability and other energy management initiatives

How can Encycle help achieve sustainability goals and initiatives?
By incorporating Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic technology into your energy management plan, we can help your company achieve energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions by bringing a new set of energy efficiency capabilities via the cloud, enhancing any large capital investments already made in building controls. Our transparent and real-time reporting can validate your claims. Click here to learn more.
My buildings are enrolled in a demand response (DR) program. Can they remain enrolled after integrating Swarm Logic?
Absolutely. Swarm Logic does not interfere with a DR provider’s operations. For customers who are looking for an integrated solution that supports OpenADR, SwarmStat may be the right choice. Click here to learn more about what Encycle offers to customers participating in demand response programs.
I’m not sure if demand response is right for my building. Can Encycle help me understand if it is available to my company and whether it would be beneficial to implement?
Yes. Our energy experts are here to help you take advantage of every possible savings. We can help you identify demand response programs and providers in your area and assist with the application process.
Don’t my building controls already do the same thing as Swarm Logic? How about my third-party energy monitoring service?
No. Only Swarm Logic synchronizes the activity of HVAC rooftop units to apportion energy usage in the most economical way using patented technology and an adaptive algorithm. Our technology is complementary to these systems and services and can help achieve new levels of HVAC-related energy savings.
Can Swarm Logic save energy for buildings that already use solar or battery power?
Yes. The technologies are complementary and allow you to receive the benefits of each.

Analytics and reporting

What analytics are available to me?
Swarm Portal™ features a robust set of analytics with full transparency to the underlying source data. The analytics relate power usage, time, and temperature to guide your business decisions related to the equipment performance and maintenance of your sites’ rooftop units.
How is reporting available to me?
Reporting is web browser-based and available 24/7/365 with results that are calculated in real time. It is multi-level, meaning you can see information for your entire business, individual buildings, and all the way down to specific HVAC equipment.

Signing up

How do I become an Encycle customer?
The first step to saving on HVAC-related energy and costs is to have a conversation with us by calling 1-855-875-4031. This will help our energy experts determine the basic functions and requirements of your retail, commercial, or industrial building(s). After our initial discussion, you can request that Encycle determine the savings potential of your facilities.
How does Encycle determine the savings potential of a portfolio of facilities?
Our energy specialists work with your team on a no-obligation basis to determine the energy consumption profile of your sites, understand your equipment, and calculate potential energy savings. We will then provide a comprehensive report and proposal detailing the likely savings and ROI you can expect. We will also identify what, if any, equipment purchase is necessary. In most cases, all that is needed is an application programming interface (API) or connected thermostats to establish connectivity to our Swarm Logic cloud-based software.


How does Encycle bill for its Swarm Logic?
Encycle offers attractive multi-year and multi-site fees that are tailored to each customer’s unique situation. We are happy to share a preliminary and comparable fee range once we gather some basic information about your site(s).


Is my building’s data secure with Swarm Logic?
Absolutely. We proactively manage our Swarm Logic platform using a layered security approach that includes the latest encryption certificates, technologies, and access controls to protect customer data while guarding against interruptions in our service. Click here to learn more.

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