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Nearly one year into the Covid-19 pandemic, business facilities are still operating at reduced occupancy levels. These dramatic shifts in facility use and patterns can make it challenging for facility managers to optimize the energy efficiency of their HVAC equipment. In a recent article published by Smart Energy Decisions titled, “Commercial HVAC practices: Adaptability is key during a continually changing business landscape,” Encycle looks at these challenges and examines important HVAC energy considerations.

Learn why companies that embrace more adaptable systems and control technologies are having greater success at optimizing their energy consumption and savings.


What do the latest optimization technologies mean for HVAC contractors? Plenty, according to a recent ACHR news article, “The Contractor’s System Optimization Opportunity.” Written by Robert Beverly, the publication’s senior editor, the article focuses on cloud-based tools, artificial intelligence (AI), and twinning. It features insights from Chris Hensley, Encycle EVP of Sales and Marketing, on how these modern approaches have an upside for contractors when done right. In the article, Chris points out benefits contractors can experience from having a new source of energy savings to offer their customers, including a business edge, recurring revenue, better relationships, and greater retention.

Read how today’s technologies are increasing the contractor’s ability to solve their customers’ pain points and deliver new value propositions.



Nanalyze is a media and research firm that educates and informs investors about disruptive technologies that make the world a better place. Encycle was featured in this Nanalyze article focused on how biomimicry companies help nature heal itself. In the article, you’ll learn how honey bees inspired Encycle’s Swarm Logic® energy management technology and why the company’s enterprise solution is being integrated into major building automation system platforms like Honewell Multisite.

Read why green tech investors are swarming around Encycle, investing millions of dollars into its proven HVAC optimization technology that has helped customers reduce tons of CO2 emissions.

Biomimicry and Business: How Companies Are Using Nature’s Strategies to Succeed

Biomimicry is the practice of observing and then mimicking nature’s strategies to solve business and engineering challenges. Written by Margo Farnsworth, a writer and biomimicry educator, “Biomimicry and Business” is a first-of-its-kind book that shows readers how they can successfully bring biomimicry and bioinspired design into their businesses based on what other companies have already achieved.

Encycle is featured in Farnsworth’s book, along with Nike and four other successful companies. Read how Encycle founders Mark Kerbel and Roman Kulyk’s knowledge of honeybee and ant societies served as inspiration for the company’s cloud-based technology that is transforming the energy management industry through the use of artificial intelligence.

Ask Nature

When engineers think of innovative ways to improve energy efficiency, it’s not unusual for them to take their cues from nature. That’s because there is much to be gained by adopting the practice of biomimicry. By studying and mimicking the strategies that organisms and natural systems have used for billions of years to evolve, innovative companies can find valuable insights and proven ideas that translate into smart solutions for today’s world.

Learn how Encycle’s Swarm Logic cloud-based energy management technology was inspired by the swarm intelligence of honey bees, resulting in a synchronized effort that significantly reduces energy consumption and demand in commercial buildings by coordinating the operation of HVAC rooftop units (RTUs).

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