Encycle Helps Building Automation System and Smart Thermostat OEMs Deliver Greater Energy Savings to Their Customers

Building automation systems (BAS) and smart thermostats drive energy efficiency (EE) and help companies meet their sustainability goals. But as an OEM, are you fully optimizing your technologies to deliver the highest levels of HVAC-related energy savings?

Encycle partners with several leading OEMs to seamlessly integrate our unique Swarm Logic® energy management software into their BAS and smart thermostats, helping customers achieve up to 30% more HVAC energy savings with little to no capital investment and a payback period of a few months.

Encycle Swarm Logic benefits for OEMs

Swarm Logic uses advanced AI methodologies to help OEMs better manage the energy consumption of their clients’ buildings. By offering more excellent value and a new path toward CO2 emissions reduction, you can differentiate yourself from competitors with an autonomous solution that requires no human interaction to monitor or maintain.

  • Gain a competitive advantage by pairing your BAS or smart thermostats with AI-enhanced technology
  • Help energy and facility managers control their buildings’ energy consumption more efficiently
  • Deliver automatic, verifiable HVAC energy savings to your customers with visible reporting and analytics
  • Improve customer satisfaction and grow EE program offerings
  • Provide a no-risk option that requires little to no capital expenditure
  • Make an important contribution toward your customers’ sustainability goals
  • Deliver tailored solutions for each customer’s needs
  • Propel cutting-edge technology concepts into the marketplace
  • Support customers’ continuous commissioning practices

Swarm Logic is delivered two ways as an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution.

1. Swarm Service: Integrates Swarm Logic software through building automation systems.

2. SwarmStat: Integrates Swarm Logic software through subscribed smart thermostats.

We partner with the best.

“Lightstat continues to drive creative new concepts into the marketplace with custom solutions to match customers’ needs. Working with Encycle to integrate Swarm Logic software into our product offering is an example of this drive to bring the best technological solutions to our customers. With rising energy and infrastructure costs, companies need to take every possible savings opportunity to protect their bottom line. Together with Encycle, we can provide proven, simple-to-use and transparent solution that maximizes HVAC energy efficiency automatically.”

Robert Gallagher, CEO

“We invented solutions targeted to the multi-site, retail market more than 50 years ago on the premise of helping customers increase comfort and lower their energy costs – even in buildings already using conventional BMS systems. This partnership with Encycle is another example of our continued effort to innovate for our customers to bring solutions that make a difference. Combining the Encycle offering with our industry-leading Energy Management Services means huge savings opportunities for new and existing customers.”

Matt Call, General Manager
Honeywell Multisite

“We are excited to work with Encycle to bring Swarm Logic to our managed service clients. Swarm Logic’s machine learning algorithms optimize our industry-leading EMS platform and provide additional energy reductions, cost savings, and enhances sustainability for our customers, something of particular importance during this exceptionally challenging time for many of our clients.”

Jon Bolen, CEO

Let’s reduce the carbon footprint of buildings together.

It’s an exciting prospect to deliver a new set of energy-saving capabilities to commercial and industrial customers! If you are interested in becoming a partner and learning more about our unique energy-saving technology, give us a call at 1-855-875-4031.

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