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Zhenzhen Chen

Zhenzhen Chen

Vice President, Energy Analytics

Zhenzhen Chen, the youngest executive on Encycle’s management team, has emerged as a driving force behind the company’s rapid growth in the energy analytics landscape since joining in June 2016. As Vice President of Energy Analytics, her specialization in advanced data analytics and Measurement and Verification has been instrumental in optimizing building energy usage for Encycle’s diverse clientele.

Zhenzhen’s journey began as an Energy Analyst, where her knack for innovative data-driven solutions quickly earned her promotions. In her role as Director of Energy Analytics, she led pivotal projects that not only qualified Encycle’s products with major utilities but also unearthed substantial revenue opportunities. Her expertise lies in translating intricate data into actionable insights, and she has played a pivotal role in converting these insights into strategic decision-making tools. Zhenzhen Chen’s journey is not just one of personal and professional growth; it is integral to Encycle’s data-driven success story.

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