Our professional partners help integrate and deliver smart energy saving solutions for C&I customers

Encycle is proud to work with select channel partners who share our goal of providing great value and great service to our customers. By teaming with leading companies, we leverage their unique offerings to streamline our proven Swarm Logic® SaaS approach to HVAC energy savings.

A variety of interdependent opportunities exist for different types of providers who all contribute to and benefit from shared success. Here are just a few of them:

OEM Building Control Partners
Advanced energy control devices are shaping the way commercial and industrial buildings control their HVAC operations and reduce electric consumption. Connected thermostats play an integral role in relaying valuable data to Encycle, so together, we can maximize energy efficiency.

BAS Monitoring Platform Partners
Helping to fuel the efficiency of our Swarm Logic solution are respected energy management and monitoring providers who integrate our offering to help their customers achieve even greater savings.

Utility Program Partners
To help customers conserve energy and meet their sustainability goals, many utility companies and their energy management partners are offering new programs to manage energy demand more efficiently while rewarding customers with incentives for cutting back on energy use during peak demand periods.

IoT Technology Partners
These innovative software platform developers are selected based on their ability to enable and optimize our services by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things while addressing complexity along the way.

Automated Demand Response Partners
Encycle’s Swarm Logic technology works with existing utility demand response programs and integrates with widely used demand-side information exchange models and energy management partners to automate and simplify the demand response process for customers across the smart grid.

Distribution Partners
An increasing number of distributors are realizing that Encycle’s Swarm Logic solution is an excellent growth strategy and a way to deepen customer relationships which often leads to higher retention and referrals.

Industry Alliances
Trade associations and standards agencies who encourage the adoption of advanced energy efficiency solutions often work closely with customers to keep them updated on the latest technologies and services available to achieve their specific goals.

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