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Why Swarm

The HVAC Efficiency Problem

Operating your rooftop HVAC units costs you a lot of money – money you could be saving if only these units were a little smarter.

Consider this. Commercial and industrial buildings consume more than a third of the energy used by countries like the U.S. and Canada. HVAC units account for almost half of this energy. They are also one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s a lot of energy – and a lot of CO2.  While HVAC rooftop units – or RTUs – hold enormous potential for dramatic reductions in both energy costs and carbon emissions, they have long been one of the least intelligent of a building’s energy-consuming devices.

They function in isolation. They constantly cycle on and off en masse with no knowledge of how and when other units are operating. Often, they function far below optimal levels. As a result, RTUs have remained largely untapped as an opportunity for smarter energy management.

Until now.

The Swarm Logic® Energy Management Solution

Many of the world’s most-respected and sustainable companies are turning to Encycle for more intelligent management of their rooftop units. In fact, our patented Swarm Logic technology is at the heart of millions of dollars saved in HVAC electricity costs, countless emergency repairs that have been avoided and thousands of RTUs whose lifespans have been extended

Swarm Logic leverages the elegant simplicity of biomimicry, sophisticated analytics and modern telemetry to intelligently measure, synchronize, optimize and control RTUs – and significantly improve their efficiency. Instead of operating in isolation, they work intelligently together – turning on and off when it makes most sense based on cost, the unique parameters of your buildings and the comfort needs of your occupants.

In fact, Swarm Logic can cut your electricity costs by 15-25% – quickly, affordably, simply and with an ROI that’s often less than just a year. The best possible energy savings, at a low cost, with a surprisingly fast payback.

Find out what Swarm Logic can do for you.

Typical demand and consumption reduction through Swarm Logic

15 - 25%
Low capital cost and high savings mean industry-leading ROI, which some of our customers achieve in under a year.
Rest assured, installing Swarm Logic is not an expensive, "rip and replace" process. Swarm Logic is an inexpensive solution that works with the control systems you already have, no matter how simple or sophisticated. It will reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills, in most cases very significantly.
In case you think all this might add management overhead, think again. Not only is the system fully automated, our 24/7/365 operations team continuously monitors your entire building, identifying faulty or underperforming equipment, mitigating risk and minimizing outages.
Swarm Logic is specifically designed for retail and commercial buildings, typically with total energy load in the 50kW to 5MW range.