Encycle Gives Utility Companies a Powerful Way to Lower Their Commercial Customers’ Electric Bills and Manage Energy Demand

Improve customer satisfaction while reducing kW, kWh, and CO2 emissions.

In today’s economic environment, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking for ways to conserve energy and money but lack the capital needed to make energy efficiency investments. These customers don’t have the time or staff to devote to energy management, and many of them lack the control knowledge of their buildings’ HVAC systems.

Encycle’s SwarmStat enables utility companies or their energy efficiency (EE) providers to deploy our unique Swarm Logic® HVAC energy-saving software through subscribed smart thermostats, helping customers achieve dramatic reductions in HVAC energy consumption.

SwarmStat is a simple-to-install and economical energy management solution that delivers energy savings of 10%-30% to commercial customers.


Encycle SwarmStat benefits for utilities

SwarmStat delivers meaningful energy savings, differentiating you from the competition by consistently meeting expectations.

  • Positions utility as a trusted energy provider
  • Improves customer acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Avoids cost of energy production, capacity, transmission, and distribution
  • Accelerates execution of utility created demand response (DR) programs
  • Maintains customer comfort more effectively than temperature setback or load-limiting strategies
  • Assures automated, rapid response (2 minutes) to event notification, including OpenADR 2.0 and CPower Link
  • Provides reliable load curtailment and avoidance of post-event demand rebound
  • 24/7/365 management of DR activities by Encycle

In a recent Swarm Logic pilot program created for a utility Small Business Energy Saver program, SMB customers achieved as much as 12% reductions in HVAC consumption.

“Swarm Logic was an attractive solution due to the combination of its savings performance and the simplicity of installation and operation. The initial sites that we deployed in 2020 confirmed that adding Swarm Logic’s performance and capabilities to their Small Business Energy Saver program will deliver substantial savings.”

Encycle Utility Partners Brochure

Read more about how Encycle is helping utility companies introduce new ways for their commercial customers to achieve significant HVAC energy and CO2 reductions.

Join our growing family of utility partners.

Encycle is currently partnered with several leading utilities, energy management providers, and automated demand response companies to optimize over 125 MW of energy load across North America. We provide a full range of turnkey services, including HVAC equipment recommendation/installation and ongoing technical support. Call us at 1-855-875-4031 to structure a pilot program that suits your regulatory, operational, and customer needs.

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