Case Studies

Demonstrated Energy Savings

Learn how Encycle assesses our customers’ current building requirements and potential energy savings then implements change across their site portfolios to significantly reduce energy demand and consumption.

Commercial Office Building

How Encycle’s Swarm Logic® and Connect™ Wi-Fi® commercial thermostats seamlessly blend to create a ‘virtual’ building automation system.

Restaurant & Entertainment Complex

How Encycle is helping a national restaurant and entertainment chain save over $500,000 annually on HVAC-related energy costs.

Distribution Centers

How Encycle helped a large clothing retailer and a pharmaceutical distribution company save thousands of dollars annually on HVAC energy while qualifying for significant utility investments.

Big-Box Department Store

How Encycle helped a big-box department store chain reap nearly $2 million in annual energy savings and demand response incentives.

Small Box/Specialty Retail Store

How Encycle helped a Southern California specialty retail chain reduce their HVAC energy spend by more than $6,000 per store.

Movie Theater Chain

How Encycle helped a movie theater chain gain control of energy loads, reducing total energy spend by $35,361 per year.

Education Facility

How Encycle increased energy efficiency at a large, multi-facility school resulting in a monthly energy consumption reduction of 28% and significant savings the school was able to reinvest in its students.

Light Industrial Facility

How Encycle helped a light industrial facility qualify for significant incentives and achieve total savings of over $28,000 in just six months.

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