Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic® software will now be integrated with Lightstat’s smart programmable thermostats to deliver packaged HVAC energy cost savings of up to 20%

SAN MARCOS, Calif. and Barkhamsted, Conn., August 13, 2018 – Encycle Corporation, a technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services, and Lightstat, an innovative HVAC and lighting control solutions provider, today announced a partnership that integrates Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic® HVAC energy savings software with Lightstat’s intelligent thermostat platform.

The partnership brings IoT-enabled thermostatic control into a networked, cloud-based system that allows commercial and industrial building energy managers to reduce their HVAC energy consumption and costs by 10%-20%. Working in tandem with Lightstat’s smart programmable thermostats, Encycle’s Swarm Logic software dynamically synchronizes power-hungry HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently in response to changing conditions such as outdoor temperature, building occupancy levels, and RTU performance. Instead of operating in isolation, the RTUs become part of an IoT-based closed-loop system that coordinates RTU activity, thereby apportioning energy consumption more logically among the individual RTUs without the need for additional hardware or equipment in most cases.

“Encycle is excited to take our relationship with Lightstat to the next level,” said Robert Chiste, Chairman, President and CEO of Encycle. “The decision to form this partnership and incorporate Lightstat’s smart thermostats into our Energy-as-a-Service by Encycle™ (EASE™) model shows the value we place in each other’s capabilities and expertise. Encycle is transforming the HVAC industry with unprecedented energy savings and returns on investment, and Lightstat is equally driven to help energy managers control their buildings’ consumption more efficiently,” Chiste added.

Lightstat’s contribution to commercial/industrial energy management is impressive. “Lightstat is excited to bring this partnership and the incredible value it represents to our customers. We continue to drive creative new concepts into the marketplace with custom solutions to match our customers’ needs. Working with Encycle to integrate the Swarm Logic software into our product offering is an example of this drive to bring the best in technological solutions to our customers. With rising energy and infrastructure costs, companies need to take advantage of every possible savings opportunity to protect their bottom line,” commented Robert Gallagher, CEO of Lightstat. “Together with Encycle, we can provide a proven, simple-to-use, integrated, and transparent solution that maximizes HVAC energy efficiency automatically.”

Encycle’s Swarm Logic technology is already employed across hundreds of facilities in North America including retail stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, schools, distribution centers, and light/medium manufacturing buildings. Typical Encycle customers achieve 10%-20% reductions in HVAC-related kW, kWh, and CO2 with Swarm Logic.

For additional information regarding the Encycle / Lightstat strategic partnership, please call Encycle at 1-855-875-4031 in the U.S. or 1-877-634-0081 in Canada.

About Encycle: Encycle is a technology-driven company that is transforming energy management for multi-site commercial and industrial companies. The company leverages its patented cloud-based technology to lower its clients’ energy costs, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Companies using Swarm Logic® routinely reduce HVAC energy costs and consumption by 10%-20% with little or no capital investment. For more information about Encycle, visit

About Lightstat: Lightstat is an environmental control industry leader that has enabled businesses with intuitive, integrated, and automated thermostat and lighting control systems for over 36 years. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Lightstat products are easy to use, customizable and scalable, requiring little or no training. Lightstat prides itself on being at the forefront of emerging facility management technologies. For more information about Lightstat, visit

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