Encycle’s Swarm Logic® energy management software is now integrated with Multisite’s industry-leading Opus building automation systems to reduce HVAC energy consumption and demand.

Independence, Ohio and San Marcos, Calif., March 19, 2020 – Honeywell Multisite, the global leader in retail and grocery building management and automation systems, and Encycle Corporation, a technology company focused on helping commercial and industrial customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services, today announced a commercial partnership agreement that integrates Encycle’s patented Swarm Logic® energy management software into Honeywell Multisite’s building automation system platforms. The integration enables Honeywell Multisite customers to subscribe to Swarm Logic as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution.

Working in tandem with Honeywell Multisite’s building automation systems (BAS), Encycle’s Swarm Logic software uses Machine Learning to dynamically synchronize HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently in response to changing conditions such as outdoor temperature and building occupancy levels. RTUs become part of an IoT-based closed-loop system that coordinates their activity and distributes energy consumption more logically among the individual RTUs without the need for additional hardware or equipment in most cases. Swarm Logic, a cloud-based system, can result in HVAC energy consumption and demand reductions of 10 to 20 percent.

“We invented solutions targeted to the multi-site, retail market more than 50 years ago on the premise of helping customers increase comfort and lower their energy costs – even in buildings already using conventional BMS systems,” said Matt Call, General Manager of Honeywell Multisite. “This partnership with Encycle is another example of our continued effort to innovate for customers to bring solutions that make a difference. Combining the Encycle offering with our industry-leading Energy Management Services means huge savings opportunities for new and existing customers. Honeywell Multisite, formerly known as Novar, is a leader in retail multi-site energy management and provides building management systems for many of the world’s largest retailers, supermarket chains, and restaurants. Honeywell Multisite offers the widest array of full-service offerings in the industry, including design, engineering, programming, software and hardware production, services, delivery and installation, and 24/7 centralized monitoring, control, and reporting. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Honeywell Multisite on this exciting technology integration to deliver a new set of energy-saving capabilities to the commercial and industrial HVAC market,” said Robert Chiste, Encycle Chairman and CEO. “Collaborating with Honeywell has been both an energizing experience and a natural step for Encycle given Multisite’s leadership position in the marketplace,” Chiste added. “The development is also a win for end-users who will gain new insights into the performance of their mechanical equipment in addition to significant energy savings realized with every Swarm Logic deployment. Customers also recognize these energy savings make an important contribution toward meeting corporate sustainability goals.”

Using patented algorithms with advanced analytical capabilities, Encycle’s energy efficiency technology is unlike any other HVAC efficiency solution on the market today. Connected via the cloud to existing building controls, communicating thermostats, or IoT platforms, Swarm Logic’s coordinated approach delivers benefits that include::

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Peak demand management
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Quick and easy deployment

About Honeywell Multisite:
When you bring the Honeywell Multisite team to your facilities, you can reduce energy use by up to 30%, improve comfort in the shopping experience, and substantially improve operational efficiency of your retail business. As a result, Honeywell Multisite provides nearly instant ROI and the lowest lifecycle costs anywhere in the industry. In fact, we are the only building automation partner who is truly full service, offering design; engineering; programming; software and hardware production; delivery and installation; and 24/7 centralized monitoring, control and reporting so retailers can focus on other parts of their operations. We invented the Multisite energy management industry and continue to be the innovation leader — our technology is in millions of buildings worldwide and has saved our customers tens of billions of dollars since our inception. Visit

About Encycle:
Encycle is a technology-driven company that is transforming energy management for multi-site commercial and industrial companies. The company leverages its patented cloud-based technology to lower its clients’ energy costs, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. Companies using Swarm Logic® routinely reduce HVAC energy costs and consumption by 10%-20% with little or no capital investment. For more information about Encycle, visit

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